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Oriental Rug Cleaning – Why the good old DIY methods just won’t cut it.

I just love hosting parties. It makes me feel better, having people over and making them feel at home and comfortable, away from their busy and chaotic life.

Except for, of course, the dreaded before party preparations and the soul-sucking after-party cleanup.

We all know having guests over is not only about having a great time, but also about forming a good impression on people’s mind and this impression is not only limited to your looks but also the way you maintain and decorate your home.

Oriental rugs play a big role in showing off your classy taste. But, what if during an event like this your beautiful oriental rug gets into an accident and trust me if you don’t take the right action your carpet could be scarred for life and really, could you really live with that for your whole life?

You may well be dripping in Gucci and Armani but wine stains on your brilliant rugs would definitely leave the guests snickering.

Nowadays, most of us, for all our seemingly small problems use google search and google gives us some DIY methods which claim to make our life easier, but unfortunately for you (and fortunately for us *evil laugh*), there is absolutely guarantee of them working and in most cases, they don’t.

But if you still think that any DIY method will give you a fine clean and shining carpet, then you might need to reconsider your options.

Here are the top 5 reasons why your delicate oriental rug needs more care than you can think of:-

Oriental rugs are much more delicate than your regular rug and hence require a more special cleaning treatment and who could clean it better than Blue-Grass ChemDry in Lexington and other surrounding areas.

1. Oriental rugs are softer with a lot of artwork. If they lose their lustre, it’s over for good.

If you are doing anything more than just vacuuming you can cause permanent damage unless you have the right professional training. Even a little amount of moisture creates the danger of molds and mildew on the rug. That’s fairly common and manageable for normal area rugs. But for oriental rugs, once the shine is lost you might lose the classical artsy look forever, leaving dull patches that marr the beauty of your living room. That’s not a risk worth taking, especially considering the high price you paid upfront to put those rugs in place. Hence if you are facing such a problem, just give us a call and use our specialization and ten plus years of oriental rug cleaning experience to rescue your living room’s beauty.


Our technicians are well trained and experienced in cleaning your delicate beautiful oriental rugs. 

If you want to avoid huge long-term losses by going for minuscule short-term expense in getting professional help and if you happen to live in Lexington or any other surrounding area, just give us a call.

2. It’s not ‘Just another Rug’, ideally, your oriental rug needs a specialized machine without damaging carpet’s binding.

Chem Dry Video Library

Oriental rugs are generally made by hand, not mass-produced like any other regular rug, hence require a delicate cleaning method without damaging the rug’s fiber and keeping its shine intact.

So before trying any DIY method for cleaning your beautiful rug, do consider other options.

So whenever your rug gets into an accident and you’re out of ideas of getting rid of such mishappenings, all you need to do is gives us a call in Lexington and other surrounding areas and within no time a professional will at your doorstep. 

3. Every oriental rug cleaning service only uses tried and tested methods, ensuring the best quality oriental rug cleaning service.

Most of the oriental rug cleaning services use only those methods that have been tried and tested by independent labs, which ensures the best quality cleaning service without compromising the looks of your rug and keeping its beauty and shine intact.

Oriental rug cleaning is no child’s play, so most of the oriental rug cleaning services use only those cleaning methods which give 100% results without any compromise on your rug’s beauty and health. 

So, if you are looking for oriental rug cleaning service in Fayette, Scott, Jessamine, & Woodford Counties or any other surrounding area and if you are having second thoughts about us, here’s our seal of guarantee.


4. Always go for a Premium Carpet Cleaning Franchise in Lexington, Fayette, Scott, Jessamine, & Woodford Counties.

Carpet Cleaning Lexington

As most of us are aware of the fact that weather in most areas in Kentucky are either humid and warm in summers or cold and wet in winters, so cleaning your oriental rug with some random DIY method can turn out to be a disaster.

That’s why you should always go for professional help rather than looking for some DIY method to clean your rug.

And if you are looking for an oriental rug cleaning service in Lexington and any other surrounding areas, then worry no more, Bluegrass Chem-Dry is here to the rescue.

We have been providing various cleaning services in Lexington, Fayette, Scott, Jessamine, & Woodford Counties for more than 10 years and a long list of happy and satisfied customers.

We are the most Premium Franchise of ChemDry Carpet Cleaning in Lexington and other surrounding areas, most trusted carpet cleaning services all over the US.

Here’s what customers say about us.

Our List of Happy Customers

5. Any premium carpet cleaning service offers nothing but the best carpet, upholstery and various other cleanings services in Lexington and other surrounding areas.

A premium carpet, upholstery or any other cleaning service offers a lot more than you can think of, because of their years of experiences and expertise to any of your cleaning problem and no matter what your DIY guy says, if you love your expensive and beautiful oriental rug and happen to live anywhere near Lexington and any other surrounding area, just go for Bluegrass Chem-Dry .

In case you don’t believe us here’s the seal of approval from The Carpet and Rug Institute, USA.

CRI Seal

We believe in giving the best of our services to each and every one of our customers and making us the most trustworthy and efficient cleaning service in Lexington, Fayette, Scott, Jessamine, & Woodford Counties.

Nothing is more important to us than our customer’s satisfaction and providing the best service.


What more do you want?

So next time whenever your oriental rug suffers from any catastrophe, just give us a call and get ready to witness premium quality oriental rug cleaning services and get over your fear of getting your oriental rug dirty.




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